Forza Horizon 4 - Update 04.06.2019

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    We're constantly working to improve the experience in Forza Horizon 4. Below you will find a summary of items fixed or improved upon in this content update.

    Version Number

    • PC: 1.308.829.0
    • Xbox: 1.308.829.2


    We are aware of a few issues that occur with the new Star Card feature

    • Some of the stats may not show as complete, despite having reached or exceeding the required target. A reboot of the title will fix this issue.
    • If players have discovered all roads on both the main land, and Fortune Island, the road stat will show an incorrect total number of roads driven. This will be addressed in a new update shortly.
    • Showcases won, and Showcase Remixes won will show as 0 for all players. This is due to the stat not being properly tracked previously. There is no way to rectify this. Players will have to re-race these events to increment these statistics and complete these categories.
    • This also applies to earnings from Businesses. Only earnings from this CU onward will count towards this stat.
    • Seasonal Events and Seasonal Championships will only count towards their respective stats for any completed since Festival Pass went live, in Series 6 (12th Feb).
    • The Head to head stat will only count head to heads won since Fortune Island was released (13th Dec).



    • This update adds a new feature called Star Card. Become a Horizon Superstar by completing 31 long-term Star Card challenges. Unlock Flairs for your GamerTag and show off your mastery of Racing, PR Stunts, Exploration, Creating Content, Stories and Adventures.


    • You can now start matchmaking for Seasonal Playground Games and The Trial directly from the Festival Playlist screen (via the Pause Menu).
    • When checking the list of eligible cars for a Seasonal Championship, the game now correctly includes cars that are eligible even if they can't be purchased from the Autoshow.


    • Fixed an exploit which allowed players to use Route Blueprint to earn a large number of Skill Points very quickly with very little effort.
    • Fixed an issue in Private adventures where players who borrowed the leader’s car were put into a completely different car.
    • Various stability improvements


    • Fixed an issue where the screen becomes blurry when zooming with a mouse wheel in a photo mode.


    • No Xbox-specific fixes


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